My favorite way to start something new


If you've been my friend for any length of time, you'll know that starting a blog has been on my list of projects I want to start. I've so missed creating for myself, and have felt a blog was the perfect medium. I've let pretty much every excuse (whether legitimate or not) get in the way, but the bottom line is that I've prioritized other things and have never quite focused on this, even though I said it's what I wanted to do...for years.

So why am I starting now? 

A few weeks ago, I asked a very wise woman (who you'll hear more about in the future) how to move forward when you feel like there are a thousand directions to go in and you're totally clueless about which is the right one. This is what she told me.

Imagine that you're standing on the street in New York City completely lost (and a dead phone, so no gps...just follow me here). You stand there for awhile, but you gain absolutely no more clarity about the right way to go. You're just as lost as you were hours before when you realized you were lost. So what should you do? Pick a direction, any direction, and go with it. It doesn't matter if it's the right one because you'll at least be taking in new information and with more information, you at least have the chance of uncovering clues that will get you where you want to go. 

And what if you you're literally standing in cement, so stuck you can't move?

You take the tiniest action to move yourself forward. This will help you build the confidence you need to keep moving forward.

Even if I don’t know exactly where this is going, no more paralysis from the millions of paths. I’m walking.